• Overview
    Most online casinos offer a wide range of payment methods for you to choose from. If you don’t have experience with online casino banking, it can be difficult to choose a payment option that will be best for you to use. There are a number of aspects that you will need to take into account when choosing a payment method to use.

    Certain payment methods are only available to players who are resident in specific countries. In countries such as the US there are strict laws against transferring funds for the purposes of online gambling. This creates many restrictions in terms of choosing a payment method. Other payment methods may be available for use in one specific country only. Before you begin looking for a payment method, it is important to understand the legality of online gambling for you and how these laws pertain to making deposits into an online casino account.

    Available Banking Options
    You will be limited by the payment methods that are available at the casino you choose to play at. Some casinos offer a handful of payment methods, while others offer a huge range. Most online casinos will offer payment methods in the categories of credit cards, e-wallets, pre-paid cards, instant banking and bank transfers. It is important to choose the method that is most convenient to you and the one that will provide you with the greatest ease-of-use. Once you have chosen the type of method you would like to use, you can then look at the specific options that are available.

    Safety and Security
    You must make sure that not only the casino offers security measures, but that the payment method that you select has safety and security measures as well. This may be in the form of a verification process such as with credit cards. Third party accounts when you use e-wallets or pre-paid cards also offer a high level of security as you don’t have to share financial information with the casino.

    Many online casinos offer special bonuses for use on specific bonus methods. These bonuses are known as alternative payment method bonuses. If you make a deposit using the casinos preferred payment method, you will be offered a bonus that is typically 10% or 15% of your deposit. These are attractive bonuses and may help you to decide on a specific payment method when there are a number that would otherwise suit you.

  • Ever wondered how Blackjack cards are valued? Card values for online blackjack are the following: Two through ten are worth their face value and face cards jack, queen, king are worth 10. The ace’s value is 11 unless such a value would bring the player’s hand to a bust, in which case it is worth 1. The ways to reach that cherished 21 are varied: if in your two-card hand you’ve accumulated 21 through an ace plus a ten-value card, your work is done, for you’re an automatic winner except for the rare cases that the dealer also has a blackjack, in which case nobody wins.

    If this is not your luckiest day and you have to work towards your win, you can do so by requesting or hitting in the advanced player link additional cards beyond the two dealt to you to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. Sitting yourself at the blackjack table pins you solely against the dealer and, unlike many other games, not against the other players. Blackjack rules are quite simple. And these values apply to online blackjack as well. The foremost objective is not to bust, or reach a hand with a higher total than 21. Only then can you still be eligible to vie with the dealer and be in the running to collect winnings.

  • Just a few weeks ago, I was playing poker online as usual when I met several interesting players. They were playing poker aggressively, each using distinct playing style so I know that they are different people, and repeatedly make a beginner mistake. They are actually pretty good in playing their hands, but they always make this one classic mistake: calling a bet when they know they have no chance of winning.

    Out of curiosity, I tested just how far they are willing to go. I was holding a Four of a Kind at one point, and I raise the bet to $100. There were three players I was watching closely, and they all called the bet. After the river, my hand is showing solid win. I raise the bet again by the same amount and they all called. The showdown revealed my Four of a Kind, and the best hand among the three players is a Two Pair of Kings and 8s.

    Logically, I would call a bet if I have a strong Two Pair. However, with only a single pair openly dealt on the table and a not-so-good kicker, there is no point in spending additional $100, right? After several times of testing – and getting similar results even in worse conditions – I came to conclude that they are making the beginner mistake I mentioned earlier; the move is not part of a certain poker strategy at all. The moral of this story? Know when to quit and when to push forward; you will be much more profitable in no time at all. If you are looking for somewhere new and exciting to play, check out OCK for some great comparisions of all the biggest names in online gambling.

  • Bluffing is definitely the most powerful weapon in the world of poker. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have successfully bluffed my opponents with nothing; although it is not the wisest thing to do risk-wise, the right situation and proper bluffing technique can really help you win a lot of pot money easily. The only thing more important than knowing how to bluff is to understand how to call one effectively.

    When you play online poker, timing is everything. The perfect situation would be when you know you have the strongest possible hand and someone bluff you by raising the bet substantially. In this case, never re-raise the bet. To get maximum benefits, you should pause for a while – naturally translated as hesitation by your opponents – and just call the bet. Practice the same technique until the person bluffs you on the river; make sure you have the strongest possible hand and re-raise the bet to force him into calling. With this simple tactic, you will surely win a lot of money without hassle.

    If you are not holding the strongest possible hand, always call the bluff with care. Under this circumstance, it would be best to show no hesitation and call the bet as soon as possible. Be sure to learn how to assess the relative strength of your hand quickly in order to execute this tactic effectively. By showing no hesitation, your opponents will think twice before bluffing you for the second time unless they have a solid hand to play.

  • A lot of new poker players I found online seem to make irrational decisions all the time, including going all-in pre-flop with a hand of unsuited 7-2. This is due to the lack of understanding and love for the game as well as lack of focus. Focus is very important whenever you play poker, since there are continuous analysis and constant situation assessing to do.

    The first rule of thumb is to never play poker when you are drunk. You will quickly lose control over your judgments whenever you get drunk, decreasing your capabilities in playing poker substantially. I once suspected that those new poker players going all-in with 7-2 before even seeing the flop are actually drunk.

    Next, always make sure you have a game plan. It is not hard at all to formulate your own poker game plan, especially if you have read many poker resources such as the one you are reading right now. Having proper game plan will allow you to make quick decisions, often final ones, when they count.

    Make sure you play close attention not only to your own hand but also to your opponents’. You need to be able to assess the relative strength of your hand, and therefore you need to predict your opponents’ hands based on their movements and possible tells.

    When you play at brick and mortar poker rooms, you need to also focus on concealing tells. Don’t leak information to your opponents if you want to win a lot of pot cash.

  • I once struggled to deal with emotional spikes whenever I play poker. After a certain amount of experiments, I found out that there are certain tricks that can help any poker player manage their emotions and stay objective when assessing the situation; I’m going to share those tricks in this article.

    The first thing you need to do is try to avoid emotional spikes. If you are playing at too high of a stake, one that is larger than 1% or 2% of your poker bankroll, it is very easy to go on tilt and be in an emotional state after losing a hand or two. Avoiding this kind of hazard can be done easily by choosing the right stake and playing level to engage.

    When you do face bad beats and you feel emotional, always consider leaving the table. Playing while your judgments are clouded is not the wisest thing to do in poker. You can quickly lose more money, which can lead to even worse emotional impacts for sure. You can always return to recover your losses later once you are calm.

    Last but certainly not least, always use calming aspects to help you control emotional spikes. This trick can be applied easily when you play poker online. Simply light your favorite aromatherapy candle, listed to some soothing tunes, and keep in mind that losses can be recovered easily when you maintain your focus.

    Now that you have all the tricks to help you, start playing poker immediately and be a better poker player in no time.


  • When you play Blackjack or other casino games such as Roulette, bankroll management is actually very tricky. You need to make sure you know exactly what you are doing before making further moves, and that means analyzing countless aspects that determine you plays. In poker, bankroll management is very much simpler. It is all about playing at the right stake you know you can afford.

    It would be best to wager no more than 1% of your poker bankroll each time you bet; this means selecting a poker table with maximum 1% of your poker bankroll as the amount of big blind. This way, you can play more than enough rounds to stay profitable. You can up the stake if you want, although you need to keep an eye for possible added risks.

    The good thing about poker is the fact that you can always fold whenever you are not sure or when the stake is too high to bear. This means you can apply a more flexible bankroll management strategy whenever you play poker. If you have a relatively strong hand that you know you can count on, you can always raise the stake to gain more profits from the round.

    Last but not least, you don’t necessarily have to set aside your winnings. Keep your poker bankroll management strategy flexible. Certain boundaries are still necessary, including potential loss and target profit, but you don’t need to be as strict as when you play other casino games based on chance.

  • Winning world-class poker tournament is every poker player’s dream. It is not hard to imagine taking home cash prize worth millions of dollars after winning a poker tournament at all. Even online tournaments are now offering cash pots worth millions, plus several additional prizes including a chance to play in real poker tournaments. To be able to win a poker tournament, you need the right strategy and approach. In this article, we are going to cover short-term and long-term strategies that can be used in poker tournaments.

    Most poker tournaments are played in stages. You need to survive each stage and not get eliminated to stay in the tournament. This is when the short-term strategy kicks in. Focus more on each round played, choose your hands and bet on them carefully in order to stay ahead of the tournament.

    However, you need to have proper balance and the right amount of chips in order to survive the tournament down to the very final table. Appearing on the final table without proper poker bankroll will only get you eliminated in no time at all. In this case, you should also focus on gathering as much chip as possible.

    With the two strategies laid out, you can quickly conclude that what you need is proper balance. Be sure to manage your risks carefully and only bet large when you know you have the lead. Using risky moves is indeed allowed every once in a while, as long as you plan every move carefully.

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